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Guardian Hunter Faq

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:14 am

How do you play the game ?

Guardian Hunter's gameplay is as follows.

1. You assign 2 guardian helpers to your right and left side.
2. At the main screen of the game, click the 'Hunt' button on the bottom right to select a stage.
3. If you clear a stage, you can then select the HARD / ELITE difficulties which are the next stages.

※If you use up all your stamina, you may not play a stage,

but they get recharged after a certain amount of time or you can recharge it in the [Treasure Store].

How to change hero ?

At the main screen of the game, you can select a hunter to change it.
If you click [MENU > Hunter] at the top right, you can change your hunter for a warrior,

archer or sorceress (currently under development).

How to expand inventory and Storage ?

For your inventory and guardian storage, you are given 15 and 20 slots respectively.

If you use a crystal, you may add an additional 5 slots.
In addition, you may sell unused items or guardians in the store in order to free up slots.

How many friend can be invited ?

You may have up to 10 friends at first, but you may have more depending on your level.

What is infinite dungeon ?

You take up to 2 guardians into a dungeon
where the goal is to get as many points as possible within the given time.
You are given 30 seconds for each round, but the time increases with each monster killed.
You may purchase special items for the Infinite Dungeon by using gold in order to get a higher score.

However, when your playing time or the hunter's HP run out, the dungeon will end.

※ Rankings are reset every Friday at 15:00. (Korean time)

※ Ranking rewards are issued to Mailbox every Friday at 15:00 based on player rankings.

※ Participation rewards are immediately issued to Mailbox based on the number of games joined.

What is boss raid ?

You may have up to 8 of your guardians (4 main and 4 sub) to participate in Boss Raid.
Guardians assigned to the Boss Raid may be changed, and can be made up of 5 decks.

Boss Raid appear at random times, and you may invite your friends to join you if you open a Boss Raid.

The player who opened the Boss Raid and all who participate use up stamina to join.
If you defeat the boss, the person who opened the raid receives Runes, crystals and other rewards.

Runes are used to upgrade guardians and you can purchase Zombies Lucky Box Ticket

and evolve materials with raid points in the point shop.

※ What is Zombie Lucky Box Ticket?
- Zombie Guardians are used specifically when training/fusing guardians and give you far more Exp than regular guardians.

This ticket allows you to obtain a random Zombie Guardian.

What are Guardian Roots ?

There are 5 Roots in Guardian Roots; Flame, Freezing, Nature, Light and Darkness.

These Roots work together in different ways, so keep this in mind when using your guardian in battle to get better results.

How do i leveled up my guardian ?

If you train or fuse two guardians, you receive Exp, and once you attain a certain amount of Exp, your Guardian will level up.

If you select a (base) guardian in the [Guardian > List] menu and push the Train button,

you may choose up to 4 guardians to use as materials for training your guardian.

Training Tip!
You may level up easily by gaining much more Exp, if you use a Zombie Guardian as material.

Another Tip!
Using the same type of guardian as your base one gives you bonus Attack + HP and reduced skill cooldown time.

How do i obtain rune ?

If you slay the boss in a Boss Raid, you can obtain Runes.
They can be equipped in [Guardian > Guardian List > Rune].

What happen if i withdraw the game ?

(Game withdrawal method explanation)

※ If you close your account, your information is deleted and you cannot play the game.
Please consider this carefully because it cannot be undone.

Game won't start and freezing ?

If the game doesn't start or freezes, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

1. You are not playing it on an officially supported mobile device
2. You do not have the most recent version
3. You do not have enough memory space to play it
4. You are in an area with a poor network connection

If you are using a supported device but the game isn't working,
download the most recent game update and then clear up some memory space
by deleting any unnecessary apps.
If the problem persists in spite of trying the previous suggestion,

please send the following information to Guardian Hunter Customer Service.

- Member Number : (Available to check at [Option] within the game)
- Smartphone Device Type :
- Market you downloaded the game from :
- Internet Service Provider :
- OS Version :
- Memory Information (00GB used out of total 00GB) :
- Rooting / Jailbreaking Status :
- Network type used when problem occurred (Wi-Fi, 3G) :

How to play on different device ?

If you were using the game logged into an account on one device, you may continue the game on another one.
You may connect to your account in [MENU > Settings > Account Sync Settings (changeable field)],

and may connect to the following accounts depending on the device you are using.

- Android : Google or Facebook account
- IOS : Game Center or Facebook account

※ If the new device is a different type than the previous one, you may only log in using your Facebook account.

Bought the wrong item on item purchse apps ?

Items which permit refunds may be returned within 7 days of your purchase.

Please submit your refund request by email and include the following information

· Member Number (check [Menu] - [Settings])
· Purchase Number (Gmail account if you used Google Market)
· Purchase Number Nominee
· Telecommunication Service Provider / Store used to download item
· Date of Purchase and Amount
· Name of Item
· Screenshot of purchase details (mandatory)

* If your phone is an Apple device, please contact the App Store instead.
* The return/ refund policies differ for each market so the item may not be returnable.
* Items sold during special discount events cannot be refunded.

How to check purchase history ?

You can do this by following these steps:

* Google Wallet [Link]
- Log in > Transactions > Check Purchase List

How to contact customer service ?

You can reach the customer service centers for each center with the following numbers:
- See more at:

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